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high-throughput, concentration, viability, Celigo, image cytometry, Acridine orange, Propidium iodide Image Cytometry-Based High-Throughput Cell Concentration and Viability Detection Method using AOPI Fluorescent Stains2017Celigo Download »

yeast, viability, concentration, flash pasteurized, Cellometer X2, image cytometry A rapid viability validation method of flash pasteurized yeast using Cellometer image cytometer2016Cellometer X2 Download »

high throughput screening, image cytometry, Celigo, 3D tumor spheroid, Caspase 3/7, viability, Calcein AM/PI, growth inhibition, invasion inhibition A high-throughput 3D tumor spheroid screening method for drug discovery using imaging cytometry2016Celigo Download »

ADCC, image cytometry, Celigo, cytotoxicity, GFP, 3D tumor spheroid A novel image cytometric analysis method for T cell-mediated cytotoxicity of 3D tumor spheroids2016Celigo Download »

Cell proliferation, cytotoxicity, image cytometry, viability, drug screening, Celigo Comparison of label-free cell cytotoxicity image cytometric detection method to CellTiter-Glo®2016Celigo Download »

Apoptosis, Celigo, Caspase 3/7, Image cytometry Real-time Caspase 3/7 measurement of suspension and adherent cells using the Celigo image cytometer2016Celigo Download »

Cell-mediated cytotoxicity, ADCC, Calcein AM, direct cell counting, IL2, PBMC, K562 A high-throughput image cytometry-based screening method for the detection of IL2-induced peripheral blood mononuclear cell-mediated cytotoxicity2016Celigo Download »

Adoptive Cell Transfer Therapy, Immunotherapy, CAR T, Sleeping Beauty, AOPI, Viability, Cellometer, Image Cytometer Consistently and accurately measure CAR T cell concentration and viability using Cellometer Image Cytometry for adoptive cell transfer therapy2015Cellometer Download »

Super yeast, declumping, acid treatment, Cellometer X2, image cytometry, brewery A Simple Cost Effective Treatment for Declumping Super Yeast 2015Cellometer Download »

Cell Cycle, Apoptosis, Viability, high throughput, Celigo, image cytometry A High Throughput Direct Adherent Cell Analysis Method for Cell Cycle and Apoptosis using Celigo Imaging Cytometer2015Celigo Download »

Cell migration, wound healing, high throughput, Celigo, image cytometry, Oris plate A Novel image based cytometry analysis for measuring cell migration in wound healing assay2015Celigo Download »

phagocytosis, antibody internalization, pHrodo, high throughput, Celigo, image cytometry A rapid image cytometric analysis method for phagocytosis using Celigo Imaging Cytometer2015Celigo Download »

iPSC, reprogramming, Nanog GFP, high throughput, Celigo, image cytometry A Rapid Fluorescent Image Cytometry Method for Validation and Monitoring of 2° reprogrammed iPSC Colonies 2015Celigo Download »

Stromal Vascular Fractions (SVF), AOPI, viability, cell counting, Cellometer, image cytometry A Rapid Image Cytometry Method for Quantification of Canine Stromal Vascular Fraction Cells 2015Cellometer Download »

3D tumor spheroid, Tumorspheriod size, Growth inhibition, Invasion, Migration measurement A rapid 3D tumor spheroid analysis method using the Celigo Imaging Cytometry2015Celigo Download »

Cytotoxicity, Cell-mediated cytotoxicity, ADCC, Calcein AM, Direct cell counting Quantification of Natural Killer Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity using Celigo Imaging Cytometry2015Celigo Download »

Ovarian Cancer Cells, Cell Cycle, Apoptosis, c-Myc-Max Measuring Antitumor Effect of c-Myc-Max heterodimerizationinhibitor 100258-F4 on Ovarian Cancer Cells using Cellometer Imaging Cytometry2015Cellometer Download »

Cell-mediated cytotoxicity, ADCC, Calcien AM, direct cell counting Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity Assay by High-Throughput Direct Cell Counting in Microplates using Fluorescence-Based Image Cytometry2015Celigo Download »

Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC), Nanog-GFP, mouse embryonic fibroblast (MEF) Non-disruptively count and quantify fluorescent iPS colonies during 2° reprogramming: 7 min per 6-well plate, dual-fluorescence whole well imaging cytometry2014Celigo Download »

Spheroid, Chemotherapy, High-Throughput Progressing 3D Spheroid Analysis into a HTS Drug Discovery Method2014Celigo Download »

TCID50, Infectious Foci, MOI, Viral Titer, Cytopathicity Automated Method to Determine Infectious Dose (TCID50)2014Celigo Download »

Cellular Therapy Rapid Image Cytometry Method for Measuring Concentration and Viability of Primary Cells used in Cellular Therapy2014Cellometer Download »

Brewing yeast, viability, vitality Image-Based Cytometric Analysis of Fluorescent Viability and Vitality Staining Methods for Saccharomyces Cerevisiae2014Cellometer Download »

Cell Line Development Automation Method to Increase Efficiency in Cell Line Development2014Celigo Download »

Fluorescent Proteins, GFP, RFP, CFP Discriminating Multiplexed GFP Reporters in Primary Articular Chondrocyte Cultures using Cellometer Image Cytometry2014Cellometer Download »

Trypan Blue, AOPI Morphological observations using image cytometry for the comparison of trypan blue and fluorescence-based cellular viability 2014Cellometer Download »

Yeast, budding Automated Quantification of Budding Saccharomyces cerevisiae using a Novel Image Cytometry Method 2013Cellometer Download »

Image Cytometry Cellometer Image Cytometry as a Complementary Analysis Tool to Flow Cytometry for Visual Verification of Gated Cell Populations 2013Cellometer Download »

Yeast, vitality Novel image cytometric method for detection of physiological and metabolic changes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 2013Cellometer Download »

PBMC Accurate PBMC Concentration Measurement using Image Cytometry to Eliminate RBC-Induced Counting Error 2013Cellometer Download »

Autophagy A Novel Image-Based Cytometry Method for Autophagy Detection in Living Cells 2012Cellometer Download »

Pathogenic Fungi Rapid Quantification of Pathogenic Fungi by Cellometer Image-Based Cytometry 2012Cellometer Download »

Cell proliferation A Novel Method for Kinetic Measurements of Rare Immune Cell Proliferation using Cellometer Image-Based Cytometry 2012Cellometer Download »

Brightfield, Fluorescence, Microplate, Imaging Cytometer Brightfield and Fluorescent Image Analysis for Screening Applications using the Celigo Adherent Cell Cytometer 2011Celigo Download »

Viability A Novel Imaging Cytometry Method for Quantitative Cell Viability Assay 2011Cellometer Download »

Yeast, viability Comparison of fluorescence methods for determining yeast viability using a novel automated image-based cell counting and viability system 2011Cellometer Download »

Mammospheres, Breast Cancer Drugs Automated Morphometric Analysis of Mammospheres: Characterization of Breast Cancer Drugs 2010Celigo Download »

Surface marker Surface Marker Based Direct Cell Concentration Measurements Using a High Sensitivity Imaging Cytometry Method 2010Cellometer Download »

Cell Cycle A Rapid Alternative Method for Cell Cycle Analysis Using Cellometer Vision 2010Cellometer Download »

Immunophenotyping A Novel Imaging Cytometry Method for Immunophenotyping 2010Cellometer Download »

Apoptosis Apoptosis Analysis of Jurkat Cells using the Cellometer® Vision 2010Cellometer Download »

Yeast, biofuel, viability Concentration and Viability Measurement of Yeast in Corn Mash using the Cellometer® Vision 2010Cellometer Download »

PBMC Concentration and Viability Measurement of PBMC using the Cellometer® Vision 2010Cellometer Download »

Cell proliferation, Label-free, Drug toxicity A Rapid, Label-Free, In Situ Assay Method for Cell Proliferation and Drug Toxicity 2009Celigo Download »

Cell Counting Obtaining Consistent and Accurate Cell Counting Results with Cellometer Automatic Cell Counters 2009Cellometer Download »

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